Cable Connector for Flexible Application
By - Karishma Katrat

In today’s technology driven world, Robots have already become a fundamental aid in our everyday life; be it vacuuming our floors, shaping our lawn, kneading our dough in our households or manufacturing our daily needs items such as clothes, food, vehicles and medicines in an industrial setting.  The robotic applications enable a world of endless possibilities in the age of automation.

A Robot works side by side with people in factories & operating rooms and during such processes, a robot performs millions of actions involving repetitive high-speed movements, load lifting, assembling, twisting, bending and rotational activities. To ensure a consistent power supply and smooth exchange of data for these robotic mechanisms, a reliable connection technology is extremely important in all kinds of production lines.

As India’s one of the leading and most trusted automation solutions providers, we offer a wide range of connectivity products for challenging robotics applications. Using highly flexible and dynamic range of cables and connectors manufactured at Katlax, you can increase overall process safety, reduce the risk of machine failure and also cut on operational costs.

We offer a comprehensive product range of cables for robotic applications, such as:

  • Cables that can withstand extreme mechanical stress.
  • Cables that support a high degree of twisting and bending.
  • Cables that are resistant to high temperatures, oils, and chemicals.
  • Cables that are highly durable for constant moving applications.
  • Cables that can steadily transmit power, regulate and monitor data signalling.

By ensuring Availability, Affordability & Accessibility, we bring Automation Solutions into the forefront.

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