3M- Men, Machine, Material
By - Karishma Katrat

“Successful Manufacturing is Right Fusion of 3Ms for Successful Journey. 3Ms, not a new concept or invention but as I see in my definitions – use of Men, Machines & Materials in effective Manufacturing.” – Said Mr. L.R. Katrat, MD & CEO, Katlax.

Men – Creators, Executors & Achievers of Concepts leading to Quality Products & Process.

Machines – Not only Catalyst but Efficient, Consistent, Reliable Performers and overcome Men’s limitations.

Materials – Basics that achieve Final Product’s Quality, Reliability, Cost & Utilities.

Katlax has in place latest technology machines and internationally accepted raw materials but somewhere management felt that driver of these two missing, that is Men.

On 18 December 2021, Katlax announced Inauguration of Katlax training Institute for their employees. The main objective behind the introduction of these training and development programs is to trigger creative learning and continuous improvement. It is completed in the form of mutual benefits where the company becomes more productive while the employee becomes upskilled by learning the latest skills needed for top performance.

Gone are the days when “jack of all trades, master of none” was considered an advantage in the workforce. Rapid development in technology has significantly influenced every walk of life. The most prominent impact is that individuals are expected to be online, to multitask and consistently perform better in all spheres of life – personal and professional.

Nevertheless, a master’s degree or a PhD cannot solely make up the professional expertise as some other skills are also required – communication, leadership and emotional intelligence to name a few are absolutely vital for success. Owing to this reason, people are actively looking for grooming their skills beyond their formal qualification to achieve success in life.


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