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Katlax Team is proud to make this announcement!!!

Launching M12 A-Coded 17-Pin Circular Connectors

The M12 A-Coded 17-pin circular connectors are a type of electrical connectors that are widely used in industrial and automation applications. They are designed to provide a reliable and robust connection in harsh environments, offering protection against moisture, dust, and vibration.

Product Overview

– M12 thread

– M12 – 17 Pin Version

– Male & Female

– Connector types for panel feed-through and 180-degree PCB mount

– Available as molded cordsets and extension cables

– Katlax connectors are now available in high density pin configuration.

– These connectors provide more points of I/O than the traditional M12 sensor/actuator connectors.

– The circular connectors come in 17-Pole versions.

– This high pin count allows M12 device connections in applications where space must be conserved, such as medical equipment, robotics, printing machines and industrial cameras.

– The high-density M12 connectors are available as molded cordsets and extension cables, as well as panel feed-through or PCB mounted receptacles.

– They operate across a wide temperature range and are available in plug or socket versions.


  1. Connector Type: The M12 A-Coded connectors have a circular form factor, with a threaded coupling mechanism. The coupling mechanism ensures a secure and stable connection, even in high-vibration environments.
  2. Pin Count: These connectors have a pin count of 17, allowing for the transmission of multiple signals or a combination of signals and power in a single connection.
  3. A-Coding: The term “A-Coded” refers to the coding standard used for these connectors. A-Coding ensures that the connectors are compatible only with other A-Coded connectors, preventing mismating with connectors of different coding types. This coding standard is commonly used for Ethernet applications, such as Ethernet/IP and PROFINET.
  4. Waterproof and Dustproof: M12 A-Coded connectors are typically designed with an IP67 or higher rating, which means they provide a high degree of protection against water and dust ingress. This makes them suitable for use in outdoor and industrial environments where exposure to moisture and debris is common.
  5. Shielded Design: Many M12 A-Coded connectors feature a shielded design, which helps to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) and maintain signal integrity in noisy industrial environments.
  6. Cable Termination: The connectors can be terminated with cables using different methods, including screw terminals, crimping, or soldering, depending on the specific connector design.

Applications of Katlax M12 A-coded 17 Pin connectors

  1. M12 A-Coded 17-pin circular connectors are commonly used in industrial automation
  2. Robotics
  3. Process control systems
  4. Other applications where reliable and secure connections are required for transmitting data signals, power, or a combination of both.

It is important to refer to the datasheet or specifications for precise information on a particular M12 A-Coded 17-pin circular connector.

Check out our Datasheets

M12, Molded Open Ended, Male, CBM12-S17N0-02BPVC

M12, Molded Open Ended, Male, CBM12-S17N0-02BPUR

M12, Molded Open Ended, Female, CBF12-S17N0-02BPVC

M12, Molded Open Ended, Female, CBF12-S17N0-02BPUR



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