Health Check-up Camp
By - Karishma Katrat

Katlax conducts the health wellness for their employees each year at company premises. This year program conducted on 25-June-2022.

Why Wellness Program?

As per the WHO, “Individuals spend one-third of their life at the workplace. Increasingly, more and more organizations are realizing the significance of employees’ wellness at work. This has led to several companies coming up with corporate health check-ups to not just enhance productivity but also employee retention.

With the growing needs in individual’s fitness, the health associations feel that fitness at work must be taken as a mandatory thing as, without employees’ wellness, they neither can deliver an expected output. Instead, employees who are less active or fit will take more sick leaves, slow at work and will find challenges at every competitive phase in the work life.

How Wellness Programs Help?

Low Absenteeism

Indeed, corporate health check-ups when conducted at the workplace on a frequent basis, result in making employees more aware of their health. With right awareness, they become more active in taking care of their fitness and ultimately take fewer sick leaves than before. Low absenteeism eventually results in enhanced overall productivity of employees.

Enhanced Overall Output

Just being present at work does not mean an employee is active in delivering good amount and quality of output. Especially, when employees attend office only to draw salaries, this creates an environment, which is simply not meant for work. When employees are indulged in corporate wellness programs, which incorporate health check-ups, they automatically turn more productive at work.

Employee Retention

Not only employees but with corporate wellness programs even employers are at the complete profit. How? When employees have a full attendance, deliver better productivity and are more fit at work, they find the company more worthy of themselves.


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