By - Karishma Katrat

Publish-industry India – a 100% subsidiary of publish-industry Verlag GmbH, Germany – publishes technology-based trade magazines in India. Their specialist media has set standards in their target markets and enjoys readers’, customers’, and partners’ trust and respect.

publish-industry media brands are:

A&D India – The trade magazine on Industrial Automation

EM – The trade magazine on Efficient Manufacturing

A&D India is a leading trade magazine in India, on Industrial Automation and related areas. The readers of the magazine are spread across Electrical & Electronics, Pharma & Chemical, Food & Beverage, Power & Energy, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Machine Tools, Steel & Mining sectors…. making it the most sought-after magazine in this sector.

Mr. L.R. Katrat, MD-CEO, Katlax Enterprises, says his views on on-going industry trends with A&D India magazine, published on Aug 29, 2019. 

To read full article, please go through below link, page 17 & 37.

A&D Interview_Katlax
A&D Interview_Katlax


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