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M12 C-coded connectors are a specific type of M12 connector that is designed for Ethernet applications. The C-coding indicates that the connector is wired according to the Ethernet protocol standards, allowing for reliable and high-speed data transmission.

The M12 C-coded connectors are typically used in industrial environments where Ethernet connectivity is required, such as factory automation, machinery, and process control systems. They provide a robust and reliable connection for Ethernet communication in harsh conditions.

These connectors feature a circular design with a threaded coupling mechanism, which provides a secure and vibration-resistant connection. The M12 C-coded connectors are also typically IP67 rated, meaning they offer protection against dust and water ingress when properly mated.

M12 C-coded connectors are available in male and female versions, with various pin configurations, such as 4-pin and 8-pin variants. The connectors are color-coded, with the C-coding typically denoted by a specific color, often coded as yellow or gray.


  • KATLAX C-Coded connectors are less common than the others. These connectors are primarily used with AC sensors and actuators.
  • They also have a dual keyway for added security, ensuring that this connector will not be accidentally used in the place of another cable.
  • C-Coded connectors have between 3, 4 and 5 Pins
  • C-Coded Connector for AC Power.
  • These 3 to 5 pole connectors are usually found on 250V & 60V powered sensors and actuators.


  • The C-coding ensures that the pins or contacts within the connector are wired according to the Ethernet standard, typically using four twisted pairs of wires. This allows for data rates of up to 10 Gbps (Gigabits per second) over short distances, making it suitable for high-speed Ethernet networks.
  • Industrial communications
  • Industrial machinery
  • AC Sensor and actuators
  • When using M12 C-coded connectors, it’s important to ensure compatibility with other devices in the network, such as switches, cables, and devices with M12 Ethernet ports. This ensures proper communication and data transfer between the connected devices.

Check out our Datasheets here

M12 C-Coded Female Straight 3 Pin Connector

M12 Molded Open-Ended Female

M12 C-Coded Male Right Angle 3 Pin Connector

M12 Molded Open Ended Male

Overall, M12 C-coded connectors provide a reliable and standardized solution for Ethernet connectivity in industrial environments, allowing for efficient data transmission and network integration.

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