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L-coded versions have 4+FE contacts with a rated current of 12A/ 16A at 63VDC. The straight and angled cable connectors have screw terminal connection. Flanged connectors are available with dip solder terminals as well as with stranded wires.

The M12 L-code cables are designed with miniaturization in mind. Its small form factor uses up to 40% less space than traditional 7/8” connectors.

Industrial applications take place in increasingly harsh conditions, which means components need to resist extreme temperatures, chemicals and water. The M12 L-Code comes with advanced shielding technology for reliable protection and robustness, even in extreme environments.

The durability of the new cable assembly makes it excellent for use in factory automation and in harsh or wet industrial environments. The PROFINET conforming color scheme even allows for easy identification of parts and to help protect against mismatching.


– KATLAX M12 Power L-coded connectors are an extension of the current M12 IEC standard. M12 L-coded cable assemblies handle up to 16A per pin, delivering four times the power of standard M12 connectors while providing reliable and efficient power supply.

– M12 Power L-coded connectors take up to 40% less space and almost 80% more power than 7/8” connectors traditionally used for high-power connections.

– The M12 power cable assemblies are available in both male and female connectors and suitable for every purpose with its conductor size from 1.5 mm² up to 2.5 mm² allowing for a more compact build of a high-power solutions for automation devices.

– M12 L-Coded Connector specified for 4-pin, use Black Contact Carrier & Cable and for 5-pin, use Grey Contact Carrier & Cable.


– Unit remains protected and fully operational in most industrial applications.

– Protection against mismatching with coded pin connector patterns.

– Highly configurable with numerous connector variations, standard cable lengths.


– Industrial communications

– Industrial machinery

– Robotics

– Material handling

– Industrial control and factory automation

– Test equipment

– I/O connectivity

– Sensor and actuators

– These cables are perfectly suited for machine tools and all standard factory automation applications.

Check out our Datasheets here

M12 L-Coded Male Straight 4 Pin Connector

Dual M12 L-Coded Female to Male Straight 4+FE Pin Connector

M12 L-Coded Male Straight 4+FE Pin Connector


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