M12 Male/Female 8 pin
By - Karishma Katrat

M12, A-Coded Single Ended Cable, 8 Pin 8 Core, Male/Female, Straight, Non-Shielded, 2m black cable

Katlax, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of connectors, cord sets and harness, is pleased to announce the addition of a hex threaded locking ring nut to the M12 series of over molded connectors. These cord sets are IEC compliant and feature knurled hex nuts which ensure proper sealing to a defined torque. Katlax’s M12 male and female straight connectors that have 360 degree shielding and can transmit data even in extremely demanding environments. M12 female, straight, non-shielded Cables and connectors for used encoders and sensors. Quick set-up; High-quality signal transmission. M12 Female connector, straight, non-shielded; Versions from 2 to 12 terminals. M12 connectors provide a rugged solution for connections in harsh industrial environments, minimize machine downtime, reduce inventory and feature knurled hex nuts which ensure proper sealing to a defined torque. With a screw coupling mechanism and IP67 rating. Dust-tight and remained watertight even if temporarily submerged. These letter groupings represent the cable material, and when deciding which one is the best option, it is heavily based on the application requirements. Let’s take a little time to familiarize ourselves with the two most common cable material options, PVC and PUR, while looking at some of the advantages and disadvantages of each. These types of wires do not have shielding jacket that diminishes the interference. They are intended to cancel electromagnetic interference (EMI) with the way the pairs are twisted inside the cable. Due to its design and nature, this type of cable is used for office LANs and similar network cabling systems. These cables are flexible, lightweight, and thin. They are also versatile and inexpensive.

PVC- Polyvinyl Chloride

This would be considered the standard cable material for the electrical industry and is used in many general-purpose applications.

The advantages of PVC include:

  1. Lower cost
  2. Excellent flame resistance
  3. Chemical resistant
  4. Suitable for flexible installation
  5. Resistant to ozone and weather
  6. Easily strippable
  7. Suitable for the food and beverage industry


  1. M12x1 thread locking mechanism, anti-vibration locking design;
  2. Easy quick connect and disconnect coupling;
  3. Pin configurations: 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12  positions;
  4. M12 molding cable, PVC or PUR cable for selection can be customized with different length.
  5. Small MOQ(minimal order quantity) to help you reduce inventories and avoid market risks;
  6. Accept OEM & ODM order to meet your customized requirement;
  7. Available as loose piece or as pre-made cable

Electrical Characteristics

  1. Standard: IEC 61076-2-101
  2. Rated voltage ;  30V for 8 pin
  3. Rated current: 2A for 8 pin,

Environmental Characteristics

  1. Ambient temperature: -25°C … +75°C
  2. IP rating: IP67

M12 Female Straight Connector Application

  1. Industrial automation
  2. Automobile manufacturing
  3. Machine tools
  4. Semiconductor manufacturing
  5. Factory automation machines Sensor and actuators Sensor
  6. Vision systems
  7. Food and beverage industry
  8. Sensor and actuators
  9. Industrial i/o connection
  10. Robotics systems

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