By - Karishma Katrat

Product Overview

Katlax can supply M12 female straight 5 pin user-wired/screw type male and female A-coded assembly plastic cover with IP67 protection class for CAN-Bus connection. Connector Series: M12, Gender: Male and Female, Coding: A-Coded, Contacts: 5 pin, Cable outlet: 4-6 mm, Waterproof Rating: IP67. The ASI female field wire able M12 connectors are available in all popular size including a M12 5 pin connector; these field wire able M12 connectors are available in a straight and 90° connector. The contact materials for these M12 female connectors are brass with a gold plating to ensure a reliable connection. Connecting the wire to these female M12 connectors is quick and easy due to the screw contacts. The female M12 field wire able connectors are available with either a single cable exist or a dual cable exit and the cable gland provides for IP65/IP67 when fully assembled. Industrial Ethernet wiring is made possible with the D coded M12 Ethernet connector. The A coded models of the female M12 connectors are used in a wide range of applications including actuator/sensor cabling.

The M12 is a straight female field wire able and screw termination  5 pin M12 connector with gold plated contacts and a nickel plated coupling nut. The M12 A-coded connector is used in sensors, dc power or Gbit Ethernet applications. This M12 connector features screw contact wire connections for 26-18 AWG wire and is rated for 60V AC/DC and 4A. The M12 Connector has a PG7 cable gland cable entry suitable for 3.5-6mm cable. The operating temperature range for this M12 connector is -25°C to +75°C. M12 waterproof power connector is the perfect solution to make your own waterproof connection underwater well. Thanks to its screw locking structure and installation finish perfectly. This M12 waterproof circular connectors is widely used for LED lighting, Communications Application, product coding machines, Electric power equipment, Communications equipment and Heavy machinery

The Product Features for M12 Connector 5 Pin

  1. Connector Series: M12.
  2. Gender: Male and Female available.
  3. Coding: A-Coded.
  4. Contact: 5 pin

Main Characteristic

  1. ​IP67 Protection Level
  2. 3pin, 4pin, 5pin available
  3. Cable to cable type, cable to panel mount type
  4. Cable over-molding
  5. Any cable size and length available
  6. Connection solution provided
  7. 24*7 Online service
  8. Local sales team available

Product Applications

  1. Industrial Communications
  2. Industrial Machinery
  3. Industrial automation
  4. Robotics
  5. Machine tools
  6. Semiconductor manufacturing
  7. Manufacturing of solenoid and sensor valves
  8. Process control systems
  9. Vision systems
  10. Electronics manufacturing

Product Standards

  1. IEC 61076-2-101: Detail specification for M12 connectors with screw-locking
  2. UL Standard: UL2238
  3. IEC-60529: Degree of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)

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