M12 Male/Female 8 pin
By - Karishma Katrat

M12 Male/Female 8 pin 8 core product family with the addition of the M12 A-Coded Connector, which is now certified for both IEC & RoHS, Also under testing UL Listed.

Katlax is a market leader in the field of circular connectors for industrial and automation technology. Based in Ahmadabad, India, M12 male/female With 8 pin 8 core shielded type connectors with a M12 locking thread used for sensors, actuators, Field bus and industrial Ethernet, primarily in factory automation applications. Often with ratings of IP67, they are ideal for washdown and corrosive environments. Field application engineer with the appliances business unit of KATLAX Connector assembly is a critical function in appliance manufacturing. Many connectors are used in power and controls circuits of washers, driers, refrigerators, ovens, and air-conditioning system, also available M12 Male/Female connector cable PVC/PUR Shielded type connector as per requirement ideal for harsh-duty and washdown applications in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries., the high quality stainless steel & Brass locking rings and gold contact plating can also withstand UV exposure and shock and vibration.


Katlax M12-A locking connectors are used for industrial networks needing power or signal using CAN, CANopen,Encoder,  PROFIBUS PA and Device Net devices.  Many different cable connectors, panel-mounted receptacles, and accessories. Connectors have industry-standard A-coding and have “Hexagon” locking sleeves for hand-tightening or torturing of connections.

Highlights of Katlax Series M12-A-Coded Connectors include:

  1. Coding :  A-Coded
  2. IEC & RoHS Certified , (Under taking testing UL Listed)
  3. Thread M12 x 1
  4. Rated current :  4 A, 2 A,
  5. Rated voltage : 30 V ….250 V
  6. Degree of protection : IP67
  7. Contact plating : Au (gold)
  8. Termination : Partially Stripped
  9. Temperature Range : -25°C … +75°C

Katlax M12 D-coded connectors used for Ethernet/IP, Ether CAT, and PROFINET devices. The IP67 field-attachable connectors offer cage clamp or screw termination, both aimed at providing quick and easy installations. Some connectors feature an Iris Spring for quick and reliable termination between the plug and the cable shield.

  1. 30 V …250 V / 4A
  2. IP67 rated

Katlax M12 X-coded connectors are ideal for industrial network applications in harsh environments. It is possible to transmit up to 10 Gbps and the X-coding design conforms to IEC 61076-2-109. Over molded male M12 double-ended cordsets and male M12 to male RJ45 Cat6A cordsets are currently available. All cordsets are available in standard 2, 5 and 10 meter lengths.

  1. 30 V / 2 A
  2. IP67 rated

Product Standards:

  1. IEC 61076-2-101: Detail specification for M12 connectors with screw-locking
  2. UL Standard: UL2238
  3. IEC-60529: Degree of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)

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