M12 PCB mount Angled Connectors
By - Karishma Katrat

Katlax has been extending its range of M12 connectors. The new M12, 2-piece angled connector is available in the male and female variants as well as with A and D coding, making it possible to implement a variety of flexible configurations for supplying power to switches and other devices. These new connectors

feature a two-piece design allowing for more efficient soldering and assembly to the panel. These connectors are suitable for industrial network and robotic applications.

With its 90° angled construction, the M12 circular connector is suited to mounting on printed circuit boards which are placed flat in a rack or a device, where it offers space-saving benefits.

These Katlax M12 series have 4 and 5 gold-flash contacts, which are rated at 4 amps and a maximum rating of 250 and 60 volts. To ensure protection from liquids and dust the connectors are IP67 rated when fully mated. Additionally, a version with a shielding sheet provides the contact between the housing and the PCB.

When assembled, the contacts insert snaps onto the printed circuit board (PCB) and the wave-soldering process is used to terminate the contacts. Once the board is assembled to the panel the metal locking nut is fastened to the insert.



M12 PCB mount Angled Connectors_side view
M12 PCB mount Angled Connectors_side view


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