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The M12 connector is designed for the device connection for sensor/actuator boxes, field-bus modules and industrial controllers. It provides with 4, 5, contacts configuration cable and panel receptacles. Katlax, A leading brand and a preferred manufacturer of user-wired screw termination connectivity products, introducing a new series of  M12 female user wired screw termination, straight connector, Firstly, I will introduce you the coding type of M12 connectors: A coding, B coding, D coding etc. and 4/5 pin cable assemblies are designed for applications use in industrial equipment, robots, automation equipment, Packaging, Labeling & Logistic , sensor, actuator, or field bus applications., M12 user wire , female connectors are IP67-rated when mated and are excellent for applications in harsh environments where connector screw-down is required, and, IP67 circular waterproof M12 4 and 5 pin connector pin out is a better choice, Easy quick connect and disconnect coupling, and also input/output cable gland PG7/PG9 gland are available, field wire-able, circular connector, The following article will introduce you to the knowledge you must know about M12 4/5 pin connectors.

M12 4/5 Pin Connector Features Overview:-

The connector is designed for a variety of different industrial application environments, provides a variety of material connection cable options. Have the following characteristic

  1. Reduce wiring so that the equipment can be put into operation quickly.
  2. IP67 rated: dust and waterproof
  3. Key options: A coded , B coded , D coded
  4. M12 Positions:  4, 5, poles
  5. Reduced downtime and maintenance time
  6. From the OEM Original Factory, same quality with much better price.
  7. Operating voltage 60 – 250v, current 4A, Maximum 1 cable dia.
  8. Suitable for the harshest environments such as petroleum, chemical industry, steel, electric power, automobile manufacturing, etc

Product Appliance:

  1. Miniature sensors
  2. Industrial camera
  3. Electrical bike
  4. Packaging, Labeling & Logistic
  5. Factory automation and field bus module

Product Standards

  1. IEC 61076-2-101: Detail specification for M12 female connectors with screw-locking
  2. UL Standard: UL2238
  3. IEC-60529: Degree of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)

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